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Harp solo 

Harp and Flute

Harp and Violin

Harp and Cello

Harp, Flute (Violin) and Cello

Wedding Ceremony Music includes the following:

Prelude Music (30 minutes prior to ceremony)

Music for Family (including Grandparents, Minister, Groomsmen)

Music for Bridesmaids, Flower Girls and Ring Bear


Music During Ceremony 



FAQ about Wedding Ceremony 

 Q. When should I book you for my ceremony?

 A. Harp performance can be booked one year in advance. Early bookings are recommended during wedding season (April-October) and  Christmas Season. 

 Q. Do you take requests?

 A. Yes, one music arrangement is included in the fee. You can request additional music for $15 per song. Music request needs to be in print-in the form of sheet music, preferably in piano notation. You can check the availability at Please submit your request two weeks prior to your event date. 

 Q.What sounds good on the harp?

 A. Most of music will sound good on the harp. The Music that has lots of repetitive notes in the melody or has heavy rhythms, are hard to play and don't sound great.

 Q. Do you accompany a singer?

 A. Yes. A singer needs to provide the music to match the key he/she will be singing. Rehearsal takes place at my studio or before the ceremony.

 Q. What space and conditions are needed for the harp?

 A. Musical instruments are very sensitive to extreme temperatures, and exposure to direct sun and rain can damage and change the sound of the instrument. For outdoor ceremony, shading is required at temperature above 75F and heater is required at temperature below 65F. The ground needs to be solid, flat, and dry (no grass, turf ok). If on grass, harp can be placed on a wooden platform of 6 by 4 size.


 Q. Do you have your own sound system?

 A. Yes, I bring my battery-operated amplifier to outdoor events, or for any party of more than 50. Sound system is included in the fee. It is cordless yet powerful and the harp will be heard. 

 Q. Can I reserve you a best parking spot?

 A. Yes, that would be nice! and I'm rarely asked that question. When possible please provide a best parking for a harpist. Due to its size transportation can be difficult when parking is away from the event site. Additionally, please notify me any difficulties at the venue prior to the day, such as stairways, off-site parking, and map not showing on GPS. Failure to do so may delay the contracted performance time. Thus, consideration for a good parking and extra hands are highly appreciated. 

 Q. Do you have a liability insurance?

 A. Yes, a copy of liability insurance will be provided upon request. Please provide the exact wording that is required by the venue two weeks prior to the event. A nominal will be added to the service fee. 

 Q. What form of payment do you accept? Deposit and dues?

 A. I accept Venmo and Zelle. General deposit is $100 for a ceremony and balance is due two weeks before the event date. For duo, deposit will be $200. 

 Q. What is included in the fee?

 A. Fee includes travel, insurance, amplification, music, performance, set-up, and unlimited e-mail consultation/communication.Unlike most of other instruments, maintenance fees associated with harp is costly. I bring my own instrument, bench, stand, amplification, lighting, which can add up to 200lb and it would require 15-20 minutes for set-up. To ensure your event is on schedule I arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the playing time.

 Q. How do I proceed with booking?

 A. Please send me an email with date, time and location of the event along with your best contact number. I will contact you with my  availability, fee, and other information. Upon agreeing on the service, I will send you a contract via email. When a signed contract is returned with a deposit the service is confirmed.