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Harp/Piano Lessons

Do you want to play the harp?

Beth, 9, playing on her Lyon and Healy Ogden Harp

Have you always wanted to play the harp? Harp is known for its vibrating sounds that relaxes your soul, and often used for therapies and healing. Unlike other string instrument the harp is fixed-pitched and doesn't squeak, and its sound is pleasant to your ears. (sorry, violin!) Beginners can sound very good from the first day.


When you decide you want to take a lesson, you'd need to get a harp to practice at home. I suggest you rent a harp for the first 6-12 months to see if this is something you like. Then you can purchase your own harp. 

Harps come in different sizes but largely divided into two categories: lever/folk harps, and pedal harps. 

Lever/folk harps ranges from 3-5 octaves with levers on top to raise semi-tones (works like black-keys on the piano). Generally string tension is less than pedal harps and it's probably easier for beginners to play. 

Pedal harps come with seven pedals to control seven different pitches in a scale. There are three steps to the pedal: flat, natural, and sharp, from top to bottom. Each pedal controls all of the same letter name strings as you move. (For example, D pedal controls all the D strings). Pedal harps requires complicated foot works especially when a piece has chromatic passages. 

Which harp to rent? I would say lever harps would be great for beginners. Lever harps are less expensive, yet you can learn the same technique. 

I currently have 2 harps available for rent. 

A Lyon and Healy harp 100 is available for rent

Lyon and Healy Style 2000 pedal harp

A triplett harp is available for rent.

Triplette full-lever 36 strings harp

Pedal harp is $250 per month. $400 refundable security deposit is required. This electro-acoustic harp is also for sale for $18,500.

Triplette harp is $85 per month. $200 refundable security deposit is required. 

Harp lessons are held at my studio in Irvine. Online lessons are available as well. I also offer a trial for a discounted fee. Please contact me if you are interested in harp lessons/rentals. 

Piano Lessons

I also offer piano lessons for beginners/intermediate levels. I incorporate rhythm activities, theory/ear training during the lesson to develop musical knowledge and sense. To motivate students, I use a token system in which students collect stamps that can be traded in for rewards. Students have a chance to perform for a yearly concert and occasional casual performances locally. Please contact me for additional information. 

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